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Bosch GWS 7-115 (230 V) 4 1/2″ 720 W Slim Grip Grinder


“Smallest grip circumference and a powerful 720 watts”

1. Smallest grip circumference (176 mm) compared to other angle grinders in its wattage class for particularly    comfortable working

2. Powerful 720-watt motor and a weight of only 1.9 kg for continuous use

3. Flat gear head for convenient working, even in tight spaces


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Bosch GWS 7-115 (230 V) 4 1/2″ 720 W Slim Grip Grinder

Technical Data:

Specification Overview
Rated power input720 W
No-load speed11000 rpm
Power output300 W
Disc diameter115 mm
Rubber sanding plate, diameter115 mm
Wire cup brush, diameter75 mm
Weight without cable1.9 kg
Surface grinding (roughing)
Vibration emission value ah6.5 m/s²
Uncertainty K1.5 m/s²
Sanding with sanding sheet
Vibration emission value ah3.5 m/s²
Uncertainty K1.5 m/s²

Bosch GWS 7-115 (230 V) 4 1/2″ 720 W Slim Grip Grinder

Outstanding user protectionOutstanding user protection
thanks to the anti-rotation protective guard – stands firm, even if the disc breaks
Click & Clean System – 3 great benefitsClick & Clean System – 3 great benefits
A clear view of the work surface: You work more precisely and faster Harmful dust is extracted immediately: Protects your health Less dust: Longer lifetime of tool and accessories
The professional power tools for metalworking from Bosch.
The professional power tools for construction from Bosch.
Direct coolingDirect cooling
For high overload capability and a long service life.

Bosch GWS 7-115 (230 V) 4 1/2″ 720 W Slim Grip Grinder

Tool Features:

Why this tool?
  • Specially developed air inlets ensure optimum motor cooling for a longer lifetime
  • Anti-rotation protective guard for a high level of user protection
  • Bosch safety switch ensures controlled switching-on of the machine – for greater user protection

Bosch GWS 7-115 (230 V) 4 1/2″ 720 W Slim Grip Grinder

Scope of Delivery:

Details for GWS 7-115 Professional 
Part number0 601 388 171
EAN code3165140520454
GWS 7-115 Professional comes complete with:
Auxiliary handle1 602 025 024
Backing flange1 605 703 099
Locking nut1 603 340 040
Protective guard1 619 P 06 547
Two-hole spanner1 607 950 043
Voltage 240 V