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Bosch WIRELESS Charging holster (not supplied with charger or inverter)


Bosch 1600A009CN Wireless Charging Holster once integrated into the vehicle (using an inverter) wireless charges the battery during journey time. When the tradesman arrives at the job site they do not have to unpack the cordless drill, it is always exactly in the same place and can be conveniently taken out of the holster and immediately “Power Ready” to use. The 1600A009CN Holster is built from a shock absorbing material providing a secure hold on the cordless power tool and charger and is designed to hold 18v cordless tools including Combi Drills, Drill Drivers and Impact Drivers. These Bosch Holsters can be mounted both vertically or horizontally on any surface and is compatible with the in-vehicle equipment system from Sortimo

The Bosch 1600A009CN Wireless Charging Holster is not supplied with a charger, the standard GAL1830W Wireless Charger fits into the base of the holster and powered through an inverter

The Bosch wireless battery range of 2Ah and 4Ah can only be charged using the AL1830W wireless charger and cannot be charge using standard slide fit lithium chargers, in reverse standard batteries will not charge using the wireless charger, fully interchangeable on the power tool but not the charger

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Bosch WIRELESS Charging holster (not supplied with charger or an inverter)


  • Vehicle charging holster
  • Power via an inverter
  • Robust shock absorbent blow moulded material
  • Adjustable for 2Ah and 4Ah batteries
  • Compatible for existing 18v power tools:
  • Holster not supplied with a charger GAL1830W charger used when connected to an inverter
  • All Bosch Power Tools and Accessories from Power Tools UK come with full industrial warranties