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Ego PH1400E MULTI-TOOL POWER HEAD (body only)

With a powerful and smooth high-efficiency brushless motor, it’s lightweight, perfectly balanced and ready for any job, big or small


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Ego PH1400E MULTI-TOOL POWER HEAD (body only)
The Multi-Tool is very versatile and can be coupled with 5 attachments which make garden chores easier. The attachments are simply inserted into the coupling and the variable speed trigger ensures that you have the right amount of power when you need it. The loop handle is adjustable for even greater comfort.
  1. SIMPLE AND SECURE COUPLING MECHANISMMakes switching attachments quick and easy
  2. SOLID STEEL DRIVE SHAFTRobust and very strong
  3. VARIABLE SPEED TRIGGERWith safety lock-off
  4. POWERFUL REAR MOUNTED MOTORProvides the power for all EGO Power+ attachments
  5. TWO-SPEED RANGE SELECTORWorks with the variable speed trigger to select the correct speed for each task
  6. ADJUSTABLE LOOP HANDLEFor comfortable use