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iMow MI632.0 Robotic Mower


This is the latest addition to the Viking range, suitable for areas up to 4,000 m2. Our automatic iMow features technology and precision that is unrivalled. In as little as a couple of hours you could have your grass maintained to perfection while you relax and read the paper.


Basic technical specifications

MI 632MI 632 P
Ideal lawn size1,000 m²2,000 m²
Maximum possible lawn sizeup to approx. 3,000 m²up to approx. 4,000 m²
Battery capacity130 Wh194 Wh
Battery typeSTIHL li-ion batterySTIHL li-ion battery
Cutting systemMulch mowing systemMulch mowing system
Cutting width30 cm30 cm
Weight (battery included)12.1 kg12.4 kg