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Stradbally Hedge Trimming Tripod


The new Stradbally Tripod is ideal for all DIY enthusiasts and individuals working in the Tree Care industry

The tripod ladder is a highly specialized ladder engineered for orchard and landscaping work such as; hedge trimming, pruning, training and fruit harvest operations. The single back leg provides relatively stable support on uneven terrain

The ladder is manufactured from aluminium and the rungs are textured to reduce slippage. It is designed to be positioned by hand for maximum safety, allowing the user to precisely position the ladder to avoid holes or other hazards. The back of the ladder should be towards the tree or hedge centre.

**The top of the ladder should not be used as a step!


  • Extendable Tripid (back leg)
  • Extra strong extruded side rail
  • Wide base for stability
  • Self locking hinge
  • Wide anti-slip aluminium threads
  • Tool Tray

3 Variations: –

Number of steps: 6 steps 1.90m/ 6ft 3in, 8 steps 2.43m/ 8ft, 10 steps 2.97m/ 9ft 9in

170 plus VAT @ 23%             190 plus VAT @ 23%         215 plus VAT @ 23%