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Trimax Pegasus Rotary Motor


After fifteen years of leading the market. Pegasus has established itself as the benchmark in wide-area mowing for parks, estates, airports, golf courses, sport fields and turf farms. Available in 4.9m and 6.1m widths, the Pegasus S4 is our latest exceptionally low-maintenance trailed rotary mower


F E A T U R E S: – 

 Trimax Pegasus Rotary Motor

 1. Individual Lift System:

The I.L.S (Individual Lift System) allows independent lift for either side deck for reduced cutting width when operating in confined spaces without leaving the tractor seat

2. Quattro Blade System:

This system adds 2 more blades to each spindle (2 flat, 2 upturned) for a finer cut on warm season grasses

3. Remote Unlock:

The remote unlock option replaces the standard transport lock release rope with an electric actuator. This is operated by a push-button on the tractor

4. Roller Scrappers:

Our new helical scrapper design maintains a constant pressure across the roller with less overall tension

5. Electric Brakes:

Our system reduces the braking force needed from the tractor and includes an adjustable brake controller with proportional boost for improved performance. The brakes can also be deactivated while moving

6. Anti-Bounce Skids:

Ideal for high speed mowing, the skids reduce the “scalping” effect when mowing on turf when the ground is not smooth. They help to ease the mower over humps between the front and rear rollers

7. Turf Tyre’s:

Where needed, turf tyres help distribute the weight of the mower for less ground disturbance

Trimax Pegasus Rotary Motor

Product Specifications: –


Cutting Width 4926 mm (194″) No. of Blade Spindles 9
Overall Width 5082 mm (200″) Approx Weight 2200 kg
Width (Transport Mode) 2500 mm (98″) Minimum Tractor Size 50 hp
Overall Length 4320 mm (170″) Warranty (Years) 3
Cut Height Range 10-90 mm (3/8″-3/2″) Number of grease points 54