Kubota GR2120 / GR2120S Ride-On Mower

“Powerful, heavy duty mowing”

A powerful and highly capable garden mower for heavy duty use, the GR2120 features 4WD, hydraulic power steering and hydraulic deck lift for the ultimate in garden care. The GR2120 incorporates the Kubota revolutionary Glide Steer System which enables it to turn more tightly than a conventional mower. When mowing around posts or trees the front tyres turn at an impressive 70 degrees. The inner rear wheel is disengaged allowing it to run freely and eliminate turf damage. Once straight, the all-wheel drive is re-engaged to provide ultimate traction. The GR2120 also features easy dial cut height adjustment, HST transmission and a hydraulic mower lift.

Available as the GR2120-II, which has a direct chute grass collector or the GR2120S, which has side discharge for cuttings, the GR2120 is guaranteed to give unmatched performance in both efficiency and final finish. If garden care is your profession or you want the best in garden ride-on mowers then the GR2120 is simply ideal.