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ME 443 Electric lawn mover


The compact design and easy manoeuvrability of this 4 Series electric mower make mowing simple and efficient. The powerful electric motor is virtually maintenance free and gives a excellent mowing performance.


ME 443

Technical data

Device (L/W/H) cm 138 x 49 x 107
Lawn area (up to) m² 600
Cutting width cm 41
Cutting height mm 25-75
Weight kg 20
Performance W 1.500
Guaranteed sound power level dB(A) 96
Sound pressure level dB(A) 82
Vibration value (AHW) m/s² 1.4

Standard features


QuickFix quick-clamping devices 

QuickFix quick-clamping devices

Ensures fast and easy fastening and release of the handlebar retainers.

Integral level indicator 

Integral level indicator

The integral level indicator shows when the catcher box is full and ready for emptying

Innovative grass catcher box 

Innovative grass catcher box

The catcher box can be 100% filled, thanks to the optimised design shape and air guide. The air vents face downwards so that grass and dust do not escape upwards. The two-part catcher box design ensures easy opening and emptying.

AMK 043 Mulching kit for 443 series mowers

Mulching kit (multi-blade and mulch insert), to fit all 4 Series models with a cutting width of 41 cm.